Always there for you in an emergency

In the Central Emergency Room (CER), located in the heart of our hospital near the main entrance, emergency patients receive interdisciplinary treatment around the clock. Surgeons, internists, and urologists are supported by doctors from other disciplines. The patients are cared for by our trained, non-ward-based nursing staff.


To the specialist department CER


You can find other helplines on the emergency & help page of the city of Göttingen.

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In medical emergencies or fire

Telephone 112

In other emergencies

Police emergency number 110

Central emergency room (24h)

0551 5034-1255 or -1355

Dental emergency service

0551 3071444

Answers to the most common emergency questions

The five questions when making an emergency call

Where is the event?

Who is calling?

What happened?

How many people have been affected?

Wait for further questions! Do not hang up!